A Producer's Service Company.

Camera Support Group:
Sachtler 18III - Aluminum Legs
O'Connor 50 - Wooden Legs
Vinten 5 - Aluminum Legs

CineFilms, Inc.

In The Stable:
1997 Ford Aerostar Cargo Van
2009 Hummer H3T Crew Cab

Get A Grip:
Norms Studio Century Stands
Matthews Flags/Nets/Silks
Norms Studio 4x4 Frame/Silks
Norms Studio Baby Stands
Apple Boxes/Pancakes
Grip/Spring/Scissor Clamps
Painted/White/Black Photo Backdrops
Chroma Green & Blue Flex Backdrops

On The Lighter Side:
Litepanels Astra Bicolor LEDs (2)

‚ÄčLitepanels Astra Soft LED

Mole Richardson Mickey Moles 1000w (4)
Mole Richardson Tweenie Fresnels 650w (2)
Mole Richardson Betweenie Fresnel 300w
Mole Richardson Mini Soft "zip" 650w
Arri Lite 1000w (2)
Arri Fresnels 650w (2)
Arri Fresnel 150/200w (3)
Lowel RifaLite Softboxes (Chimera) (3)
Lowel Folding Softlight 1500
Lowel Tota Lights/Umbrellas (2)
Gobo Projector (Leko style)

Camera Department:
Sony F55 CineAlta - 4k UHD HD
Sony FS7 super35 - 4k UHD HD

Sony FS7 Mark II super35 - 4k UHD HD

Panasonic Varicam - HD
Panasonic HPX-500 P2 - HD

Canon 5D Mark III

Sound Devices PIX240

Canon "L Series" EF Lens Package

Rokinon Cine DS Prime Lens Package

Nikon Nikkor Lens Package
Fujinon 16x WIDE angle HD Lens
Fujinon 20x IF Macro Zoom Lens
Canon 17x Macro TV Zoom Lens
Century Super Wide Angle Lens Adapter

Canon Wide Angle Lens Adapter

Anton Bauer Dionics
Small HD, Panasonic & Sony  HD Monitors
Anton Bauer LED + UltraLight2

Sound Effects:
Shure FP33 Field Mixer
Neumann KMR81 Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Mic
Tram Lavaliere Mics
Sony 77B Lavaliere Mics
EV RE50 Handheld Mics
Rycote Wind Softie Kit
Lectrosonics & Sennheiser Wireless